• Bienvenido / Welcome

  • Edificio BIC del Parque Tecnológico de la Salud en Granada / BIC Building at Health Technology Park of Granada

  • Planta Piloto Microalgas / Microalgae Pilot Plant

  • Investigadores de BIOT / BIOT Researchers

  • Planta Piloto Bioprocesos / Bioprocess Pilot Plant

  • Laboratorio Ambiental / Environmental Lab

  • Investigación con animales / Research with Animals

  • Planta Industrial Depuración con Microalgas / Industrial Microalgal Purification Plant


BIOT "Microbiology and Biotechnology for life"


BIOT is dedicated to research and innovation in the field of microbiology and biotechnology. We develop microorganisms in favor of human, animal and environmental health. Microorganisms for life..

BIOT born in 2007 as a technology-based company and spin-off from the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Granada with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, innovation and social commitment, with the aim of transferring results from research to industry, providing an added value to society through a knowledge-based economy.

We collaborate with technology-based companies, industries, public companies, universities and public organizations of national and international research. We bet on the microbiological research as an activity of value creation in the industry. Our research vocation is associated with our responsibility to the development of industrial solutions from the discipline of microbiology in our business lines.