The strategic plan BIOT is defined in the following business lines, supported by its research activities, development and innovation:


Selection and development of new healthy microorganisms for animal and human consumption in foods. Development of products and processes, especially fermentative products, for production of functional food, based on the use of our own microorganisms, microalgae, bacteria, and yeasts with a notable probiotic and fermentative capacity, that contribute to healthier foods, focusing especially on aspects related to the biosafety of the microorganisms used.
Development of microorganisms (bacteria/fungi/yeasts/microalgae) in the interest of health and environmental protection. Processes of bio-purification and bioremediation of water, residues, and contaminants. Usage of microalgae for the bio-purification of effluents. Products from these processes include the engineering and design of photobioreactors for the decontamination of water through the use of microalgae, the processing conditions, and the selection and development of microorganisms suitable for every implementation. Additionally, this line includes developments related with the improvement of fertilization, through the use of bacteria from the ground and taking advantage of biomass from microalgae for the formulation of new bio-fertilizing products.
Implementation of probiotic microorganisms through various pharmaceutical formulas and or nutritional supplements used to strengthen the immune system and the recovery of the intestinal and vaginal systems. Selection and development of our own healthy microorganisms with probiotic capacity to be applied to nutrition and disease prevention. Systems of bio-conservation of foods of microbial origin.
In charge of shifting prior developments to an industrial scale by means of bioengineering. Through its department of engineering, the company designs, develops, and optimizes industrial processes and products in the fields of industrial biotechnology and microbiology. Execution of turnkey projects, during which the needs of the client are catered to, and concrete biotechnological solutions are utilized to satisfy their demands, specifically regarding the design of industrial photobioreactors and fermenters for the cultivation of microorganisms. Carries out projects for the improvement and optimization of fermentative processes. Gives specific training for plant operators about the cultivation of microorganisms. Applies computerized design tools in order to generate 3D models to support the design of new systems of biotechnological processes, use as a marketing tool, and to help visualize the progression of projects from start to finish.
  • Consultancy: Activities of consultancy in the fields of R+D+I and knowledge. Technical surveillance, industrial property, bio-marketing, technology transfer, comprehensive management of R+D+I projects (including the writing up of projects and finance applications), technological formation specialized in the fields of nutrition, health, the environment, and the management of scientific-technical human resources.

  • Execution of R+D projects for third parties: Studies of immunomodulation and immune response, studies of toxicity in human cell lines. Studies of biosafety in experimental animals. General microbiology.